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Centre for Social Innovation at Teesside University

The Centre works with stakeholders to co-develop a bespoke evaluation plan so they can demonstrate the impact of their projects, now and in the future.

Centre for Social Innovation

The Centre for Social Innovation (CSEI) at Teesside University was launched in 2019 in response to the growing demand for research that will address current societal challenges.

It aims to stimulate the greater sharing of knowledge and collaborative research between academics and public stakeholders.

Many organisations are measured on their success in achieving social outcomes, which in turn is central to their ability to maintain trust and legitimacy with both their stakeholders and future funders.

Increasingly, those organisations need to be able to provide independent evidence to funding bodies that demonstrates how outcomes and value has been achieved. This type of evaluative research is often complex, crosses a wide variety of academic disciplines and requires independence.

The CSEI works with organisations across the North East and beyond, to develop bespoke research-led evaluation projects of grant funded projects.

  • Provide external organisations with the evidence to illustrate the value and impact of interventions intended to tackle the major challenges facing society
  • Provide evaluations which are co-created such that the process adds value to all parties
  • Provide external organisations easy access to the breadth of skills and expertise within the University which are required to tackle these major challenges in a holistic way
  • Provide a range of services determined by the needs of the clients (including high level public scrutiny through to advocacy to help leverage future funding)
  • Capacity to successfully deliver contracts at a national level
  • Provide external organisations with support and advice with bid writing
  • Provide a package of research skills workshops
  • Provide evidence of the audience’s experience of the project
  • Gather views from others involved in your project, such as partners or stakeholders
  • Demonstrate value for money
  • Help to inform learning that can be shared with others and inform future events, research or the development of new research questions