Finding ‘clean’ ways of producing energy at UWE Bristol

Researchers at UWE Bristol have developed an innovative way to produce energy, using urine as a source for a type of fuel cell to create electricity.

The Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) is an electrical circuit that is driven by microbes such as bacteria. Two compartments are separated by a membrane; the microbes sit on one side and use dirty water like urine as a food source. In doing so, they produce electrons in a chemical reaction, which flow into the clean compartment. This flow of electrons creates electricity, with the amazing by-product of a clean water source.

“It’s important to us to raise public awareness of any new technology and how it could be used”, says Professor Ieropoulos. “We’ve been trialling the potential of pee-power in some unusual locations, including Glastonbury Festival, the UWE Bristol campus, and now in schools (Robots versus Animals) around Bristol.”

Find out more about Microbial Fuel Cells here.


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