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Research Fortnight: Focused funding needs strong foundations

Published on November 23, 2017
...dy pretty clear. The additional £7bn of investment promised between now and 2022 will go on innovation and near-to-market research. We know that certain sectors and technologies will be targeted and can anticipate greater detail on the nature of the challenge areas announced previously, including artificial intelligence and driverless vehicles. Place—a central theme of the budget commitments on 5G mobile telephony, fibre broadband, a Transforming... Read more »

University Alliance responds to the budget.

Published on March 3, 2021
...hared Prosperity Fund will operate. With the new scheme not activated until 2022, we run the risk of a gap emerging between funding regimes and the programmes they support, resulting in people, infrastructure and relationships disappearing. This will put the projects and initiatives universities deliver in local areas across the nation at a huge risk, affecting individuals and livelihoods across the UK, at a time of growing economic challenges. “F... Read more »