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COP26 needs to address air quality as well as climate change

Published on November 1, 2021
...e the hydrogen fuel may be fossil-fuel derived. If we simply replace fossil-fuel-powered vehicles with zero-emission vehicles we will still have congestion. So rather than focusing on technologies to solve the problem, we should also be aiming to reduce road traffic by improving public transport options and making sure that those that are able to walk, cycle and scoot are given the safe space and facilities to enable that choice, not only for carb... Read more »

Harnessing the power of university-sponsored Multi Academy Trust partnerships

Published on August 18, 2021
...rsity’s sponsored MAT, meanwhile, is to bring together a community of sixth-form teachers and to enable smaller and less popular subjects to be delivered across schools using technology to bring sixth-form colleges together. Although many university-sponsored MATs are located in the region where the university is rooted, Coventry University sponsors MATs across the country, including in Nuneaton, Leicester and Nottingham, thus enacting a civic rol... Read more »

High tech facilities at Alliance universities are helping to power the NHS

Published on July 16, 2021
...-university/ Read more »

Alliance universities are fulfilling a civic role within their communities

Published on August 27, 2021
...glia-ruskin-university/ Read more »

How supermarkets can engage consumers to think more about household food waste

Published on October 28, 2021
...nd the world at large) is, of course, also now facing probably the greatest-ever need for behaviour change among consumers – the need to act more responsibly to preserve the future of the planet and prevent further climate change. This is absolutely top of mind in the UK with COP26 approaching. One particular area of concern – and an area where (with the assistance of supermarkets and suppliers) we can make an immediate difference – is in limiting... Read more »

Alliance universities play key role in regeneration and investment in local communities

Published on August 20, 2021
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UA institutions play important role in action against climate change

Published on June 11, 2021
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Enterprise Stars: Meet the student entrepreneurs part 1

Published on May 17, 2018
...l be pitching their innovative ideas to a panel of investors. They will be competing for a share of £5,000. Below we write about the first set of students and their businesses below. Tomorrow we’ll publish the final set! Do come back to read all about their innovative ideas. We will announce the winners live on Twitter – follow us on @unialliance and join in the conversation at #EnterpriseStars. University of Brighton Frugly Juice: Harry Kimberley... Read more »

What does research-informed teaching (RIT) look like?

Published on September 20, 2016
...Group Universities’ [Accessed: 23/8/16] Scanlon, E. (2014) Scholarship in the Digital Age: Open Educational Resources, Publication and Public Engagement. British Journal of Educational Technology. 45 (1) 12-23 Stoakes, G. & Cooper, P. (2012). ‘Visualising the Research-Teaching Nexus’. In A. Miller, J. Sharp & J. Strong (Eds) W... Read more »

Creative arts subjects vital for supporting UK innovation and economy

Published on June 9, 2021
...content creators. Partnerships between the University of South Wales, and HBO and Netflix has helped to train up future film makers, whilst being given the opportunity to work on film sets at some of the highest grossing production companies in the world. Read more »