Extensive online learning provision and bioimaging suites at Oxford Brookes University

Facilities in the Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

Based at the Headington Campus, one mile East of Oxford City Centre, the Department of Biological and Medical Sciences offers a research-led, dynamic and supportive environment in which to study.

Here you’ll have access to excellent facilities, including a range of well-equipped laboratories, an advanced bioimaging suite and an extensive collection of online learning resources.



As part of our commitment to providing an excellent experience for students, we are currently refurbishing the Sinclair building, with support from the Higher Education Funding Council England (HEFCE) . This includes re-cladding the outside of the building to give it a modern look and make it more efficient to run.

The refurbishment of the second floor of the Sinclair building has been completed and we now have a modern 100-seat teaching lab, student orientated spaces, academic offices, and further teaching and research areas.

DSC_2489 SNC labsThe new large lab allows for several teaching sessions to take place simultaneously, providing opportunities for cross-discipline working; placing you at the centre of outstanding scientific research and development.

Annex BMS facilities

Our new facilities also include the Sinclair Annex, home to our Oxford Brookes Centre for Bioimaging. The Annex houses specialist microscopes, equipment including access to state-of-the-art Zeiss high resolution 3-D scanning electron microscope funded by the BBSRC, and research labs. The Annex offers a brand new space in which research teams are better able to collaborate and continue doing world leading science.

bms facilities annex microscopes microscope screen image

We are continuing consultations with staff, students and the local community to ensure the spaces we’re creating are what are needed to improve our Department of Biological and Medical science for the future.

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