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UA Speech: The future of Higher Education

Published on March 29, 2017
...There is no more dangerous illusion than the comfortable doctrine that the world owes us a living…whenever we run into trouble we can rely on a special relationship with someone or other to bail us out. From now on Britain will have just as much influence in the world as we can earn, as we deserve.” He argued that the best way for us to earn our living in this new world is by embracing technology and that this required – among other things – a tre... Read more »

Queen’s Anniversary Prize honours four Alliance universities

Published on November 20, 2015
...of rural farming communities. The NRI’s research also featured in our Real World Impact project, read more here. The University of Huddersfield was honoured for its work in promoting, producing and presenting contemporary music to an international audience. The university has brought new music to new audiences and developed generations of creative artists. It also created the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival – the largest international pla... Read more »

Alliance Awards 2021 winners!

Published on June 23, 2021
...haring success. She has a rranged online ‘health and wellbeing’ events and runs a weekly Zoom ‘Huddle’ which attracts 80+ staff to share news and fun – a serious exercise in wellbeing and ending with the traditional online Mexican wave. Tracey was just remarkable, keeping the team together and connected, looked out for everyone’s wellbeing, ensured the team continued to deliver across the board to the highest standards – and above all had loads of... Read more »

New report finds collaboration and connectivity key to securing the future of UK research and innovation

Published on March 12, 2015
...their DNA, demonstrating particular strengths that are well-suited to meet today’s challenges. The report concludes that continued and sustained investment is central to the success of the research and innovation ecosystem. Maddalaine Ansell, Chief Executive of University Alliance, said: “This is an important report. A world-class research and innovation ecosystem is critical to the UK’s competitiveness and well-being. “The challenge is to ensure... Read more »

New report shows ‘size doesn’t matter’ when it comes to research excellence

Published on July 12, 2011
...a group of 23 major, business-engaged universities committed to delivering world-class research and a quality student experience around the UK. They are universities without boundaries: delivering economic and social growth through close links with their research, students and staff and the world around them – locally, nationally and internationally. With representation right across the UK they educate over 25% of all UK students, with large propo... Read more »

RAE Press Release: University Alliance

Published on December 9, 2008
...ded by the next generation of industry leaders. For the past two years, 3D World magazine has rated the NCCA as the best place to study computer animation in the UK. The publication also rated the Centre as number eight in the world. Other recent grant successes include £290,000 over three years from the EPSRC to improve the realism of animated virtual humans. These characters will be used by partners Lancaster, UCL and the Metropolitan Police to... Read more »

Graduate recruitment survey is good news for graduates and the economy

Published on January 25, 2011
...r of the average English graduate start-up company. As well as building on today’s good news about graduate employability we will continue to work with Government to ensure it creates the right environment for new start-ups.” / end. Notes for editors Examples of a different approach to graduate employability: Nottingham Trent University is one of the top ten universities in England and Wales for graduate employment with nearly 95% of its students... Read more »

Alliance universities see big increase in share of world class research

Published on December 18, 2014
...rage increase of 21 percentage points. 95% of all Alliance submissions had world-leading research activity. Of the UK’s world-leading and internationally excellent (3* & 4*) research Alliance universities now account for: 26% in general engineering 17% in Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy 17% in Architecture, Built Environment and Planning 21% in Art and Design: History, Practice and Theory 19% in Sport and Exercise Scienc... Read more »

Creating innovative regions: Alliance universities case studies

Published on June 2, 2016
...versity: Unlocking the secrets of entrepreneurs’ renewable energy success Exploring knowledge and skills needed by social entrepreneurs to successfully run community energy projects…   Transformative knowledge Oxford Brookes University: Collaborating on the world’s first 3D printed and bamboo bicycle Building the world’s first ever bamboo and 3D printed lugs bicycle at London’s Design Museum…   Transformative knowledge University of Greenwich: Bri... Read more »

BBC News online: Money is the key to being a top university, says study

Published on September 15, 2014
...sponded to say that using the rankings as a “roadmap” risked missing “the breadth of routes to delivering world-class research and graduates”. “The obsession with this idea of a ‘world-class university’ is a distraction from the tried and tested approach in the UK and elsewhere around the world, which is to identify and reward excellence wherever it exists,” said a spokesman. “We are all for celebrating excellence and success – let’s just not get... Read more »