Powering communities

Alliance universities are deeply rooted in our surrounding regions, with a heritage stretching back hundreds of years and a mission to support local people and communities that continues today.

Established for our towns and cities – to provide a vehicle for the increasing numbers of people who wanted formal education and to enter commerce or science – these close links with industry continue today, and the futures of our communities are shaped by our work and research.

Between 2016 and 2019, Alliance universities were awarded more than £68M to spend on regenerating their local communities, alongside our own significant investments.

Through re-skilling and support for local businesses, to volunteering, outreach and community-led research, the pride for our local communities runs deeply within our institutions and is seen in everything we do.

Because we are embedded in local communities throughout the country, Alliance universities have the collective power, civic infrastructure and industry partnerships to drive change and level-up throughout our towns and cities.