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Space: Creating a new hub for education, innovation and investment in high-tech industries

Published on June 2, 2016
...tudents have the opportunity to learn using industry-standard equipment. A pharmacy clinical skills suite also offers a specialist learning environment in which students can develop their professional skills. The creation of the School of Pharmacy in 2013 addresses a historical skills gap and shortage of educational provision in the eastern counties of England, and arose from close collaboration between the University, local NHS health trusts and... Read more »

THE: Letter to the Editor, Win-win way to square the funding circle

Published on July 2, 2009 will find well paid jobs this summer. But if it bought out loans with a discount, the Government would avoid the subsidy – and generate cash now, which is its prime concern. It might be argued that some graduates would repay their loans without discounts, so the Government would lose 20 per cent of what would have been repaid anyway. To some extent this is true and might look like an extra subsidy for the middle classes, although actually it ju... Read more »

Universities and cities: Building stronger communities

Published on November 2, 2017
...Royal Academy of Engineering (2015) Investing in Innovation. London: Royal Academy of Engineering. Taylor, F. (2016) Creating Innovative Regions: The role of universities in local growth and productivity. University Alliance. Online link United Nations (2013) Inequality Matters: Report of the World Social Situation 2013. New York: United Nations. Wise, G. (2016) Developing productive places: The role of universities in skills ecosystems. Universi... Read more »

University Alliance calls for overseas students to be removed from net migration figures

Published on August 29, 2014 a 50 per cent reduction in overseas students studying STEM over the past two years. We are also losing international students to other nations due to the UK’s restrictive policy on post-study work visas. “We believe the solution is simple – remove international students from the net migration target and reintroduce the two year post-study work visas for all graduates from UK universities. This would enhance opportunities for qualif... Read more »

Prime Minister urged to review international student regulations

Published on October 8, 2012
...ernment intends to publish international student numbers separately within net migration figures was a welcome step towards recognising that international student migration is distinct from permanent migration. However, we urge you to take the next step and remove international student numbers completely from net migration figures. This is a key market for both universities and UK business and industry, and a proven successful export market for th... Read more »

Oxford Brookes helping students self-isolating

Published on October 28, 2020 free resources for Oxford Brookes’ students. They have promoted this free use of the FIKA Mental Fitness App to students, alongside the free Headspace App. Oxford Brookes has also made a donation to Oxford Hub, to support the charity in their efforts to help all members of the community who may be self-isolating. The range of resources and support services available to all students – including relaxation activities, online meditation s... Read more »

Hertfordshire Law Clinic launches online Housing Advice clinic for tenants

Published on October 23, 2020
...dshire Law Clinic, commented: “We are really pleased to be able to provide free housing advice during this difficult time when many people will be struggling financially. Since we launched two weeks ago, we have been overwhelmed with enquiries. We are very grateful to Cheryl Gaunt and Ruth Camp for helping us set up this desperately needed new service.” Cheryl Gaunt, Housing Solicitor at Just for Kids Law commented: “This is a vital service for re... Read more »

Mind the gap report – University of Lincoln case study

Published on October 13, 2015
...ips that involve many employers, such as with the Schools of Chemistry and Pharmacy. Longer term objectives such as reputation building and research collaboration also take time and links need to be allowed to develop at their own place. It can also be a challenge to embed relationships and move beyond reliance on key individuals’ enthusiasm and engagement. Therefore, it is important to engage academic and professional staff at all levels an... Read more »

University Alliance propose a Graduate Contribution Scheme that would allow more students to go to university

Published on May 11, 2010
...d not come from Government but be backed by private investment through the sale of bonds. Repayments would be made on an income contingent basis following the completion of the course – once a graduate reaches a minimum earnings threshold. The proposal addresses two fundamental weaknesses of the current system. It reduces the costs to Government of the current loans system – freeing up taxpayers money to invest in a higher number of students... Read more »

University Alliance support announcement on international student migration

Published on September 13, 2012
...vernment intend to publish international student numbers separately within net migration figures, Libby Hackett, Chief Executive of University Alliance said: “We strongly support this announcement as an important step towards recognising that international student migration is distinct from permanent migration. “The higher education sector is one of the UK’s greatest export industries and it is important that we do not put our international compet... Read more »