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Comprehensive Spending Review 2021

Published on September 7, 2021
...vernment priorities and Power the UK’s future. A diverse, healthy, and sustainable post-18 education sector will: Train and upskill the future workforce of the NHS and public services. Generate jobs and provide critical industry skills. Regenerate communities and grow local businesses. Deliver cutting edge research and innovation. We believe Alliance universities and the university sector deliver socio-economic benefits for the whole of the UK and... Read more »

Budget 2012: harnessing universities to help build a stronger economy for the future

Published on March 8, 2012
...versities, research funders and business to establish a boundary-scanning capability with intelligent brokering to facilitate innovation.[6] [1] The January 2012 Grant Letter to HEFCE confirmed that 10,000 modernisation fund student numbers will not be consolidated and that an additional 5,000 student numbers will be removed to reduce the risk of over spend resulting in 15,000 fewer HE places. Of the 20,000 Core and Margin numbers top sliced from... Read more »

HELP UK: Background evidence report

Published on June 26, 2014
...we connect to communities around the world. Our education system needs to adapt to this rapid pace of change, as individuals and the economy place new and changing demands on how and what higher education delivers. Read the background report This was the starting premise for the work University Alliance has been undertaking to look into the challenges facing the higher education funding system and to identify solutions. Our uni_funding work has t... Read more »

Public believes HE will be important to UK’s recovery from Covid

Published on June 10, 2020, should be educated at university, and that more funding should be made available to ramp up the number of places. The survey also asked about the support universities have been giving to the NHS, and the public see a clear link between the work of universities and the increased services that the NHS has delivered during the crisis. Voters identified contributing to research around a vaccine (71%), sharing laboratories and other facilities (56%... Read more »

University Alliance submission to OFS quality and standards consultation

Published on January 26, 2021
...r study – are too narrow and wholly metrics-based. We do not believe that data alone is ever sufficient to measure higher education quality. Furthermore, we strongly disagree with the principle of absolute minimum baselines. The process of setting these is fraught with difficulty and is likely to have a wide range of unintended consequences. Student outcomes are very unevenly distributed across different groups of students, courses and employment... Read more »