Powering business and growth

Alliance universities have a long and deep heritage of transforming our regions and accelerating business growth and employability within local economies through partnerships with key sectors and industries.

In the aftermath of COVID-19, many communities will need economic transformation, especially those already suffering the consequences of industrial decline – the very places under the spotlight as part of the levelling-up agenda. As anchor institutions, Alliance universities are proud to be rooted in local economies and to be playing an active role in solving these challenges and supporting businesses, big and small, throughout the country.

The skills, knowledge and facilities that Alliance universities provide are crucial to the day-to-day operations and growth of both Britain’s major employers and the Small and Medium Enterprises which are so vital to our regional economies.

In 2018-19, Alliance universities provided consultancy services to 16,706 commercial companies and non-commercial organisations, of which 85% were SMEs.

In 2018-19, Alliance universities provided facilities and equipment-related services to 6,227 commercial companies and non commercial organisations, of which 88% were SMEs

Commercialisation and entrepreneurialism are ingrained into the DNA of Alliance universities, and powering business and growth is core to our mission.

In 2018-19, our members were supporting over 2,000 active spin-offs, start-ups, and social enterprises, which had a combined turnover of £157m that year.