University Alliance
  1. High quality teaching & learning

    In the UK's knowledge economy most new jobs are in high skill areas. We need more graduates if our businesses are to innovate and grow.

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  2. Research with impact

    The UK is world-leading in research and innovation. In the fast evolving world we live in, the knowledge we create makes a real difference. We are passionate about the world-class research we develop and support.

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  3. Leaders in cities & regions

    We are leaders in our cities and regions. Our on-going commitment to the development of our local communities helps them thrive and grow.

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  4. Strong links with industry & professions

    We understand our role in a changing economy and we pride ourselves on our work with employers as well as our links, connections and partnerships with industry and the professions. We believe these are the connections that count.

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  5. Internationally connected

    It is essential that international researchers and students are welcome in UK universities - and that our students and researchers have the opportunity to work and study abroad. It is important that we have a sensible visa policy to support this.

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  • About us

    Alliance universities have been proud leaders in technical and professional education since the industrial revolution and are still crucial to the success of cities and sectors today.  We educate the professional workforce of the future, provide flexible and responsive R&D to businesses of all sizes and solve the problems facing society locally, nationally and across the globe. We are large enough to take risks, experienced at working with key partners and have never lost the enterprising mindset which says we must constantly innovate to stay fit for a changing world.

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