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By Naomi Weir

Naomi joined University Alliance in 2010 and is the policy lead for Employability and Enterprise. Her particular areas of interest include the role of Higher Education in social change, the economic and social role of universities within their regions and the effects of structural changes in labour markets.

Start-up: Guy’s story 6 months on

3 Oct 2013 in Blog
Guy has been keeping busy since the launch of Start-up: a story in April. He co-founded Streetscape after graduating from Accounting and Finance at Bournemouth University. He had no intention […] Read More »

Start-up: Lizze's story 6 months on

26 Sep 2013 in Blog
Lizze embarked on DMU’s Fashion Buying course not knowing where it would lead. It didn’t take long to develop the idea for Kindred Sole and she has not looked back since. Read […] Read More »

Start-up: Bill's story 6 months on

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Bill’s life changed forever after he returned to university to enrol in a Masters in Computer Animation at the University of Bradford. He built Distant Future Animation Studio from scratch […] Read More »

HEBCI start up figures

24 May 2013 in Blog
Newly released HEBCI figures show that universities in the UK contributed £3.4 billion to the economy in 2011-12 through services to business, including commercialisation of new knowledge, delivery of professional [&h... Read More »

Too many graduates?

14 Feb 2012 in Blog
There has been a lot of noise around whether or not a university degree is a worthwhile investment. This has been largely done by looking at the annual price tag […] Read More »